Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tyler's Room Progress

Resurfacing Tyler's floor was definitely a team effort. Todd's position was mostly advisory, except for the afore-mentioned pitching the old carpet out the window and the not as yet mentioned cutting to perfect size of the floor molding.
Priscilla and I both cut pieces to size, laid in "planks", and generally worked our shoulders and knees to the bone. Here's Pris fitting a corner.
A humbling picture, but you had to see the last piece going in. My little gardener's kneeling pad really saved me. My knees were bruised as it was.
Nice look, huh? Not bad for peel and stick.
Furniture mostly in place. Still lacking are curtains and throw rugs and two little tall antique dressers that we are stripping and refinishing.
What a fine looking boy who really likes his new room.


Laura said...

He is a fine looking boy and that is a fine looking room!

Meggan said...

you, your boy, and your floor work are great.
I want that flooring.