Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Latest Indoor Project

Okay, so Tyler has asthma and is allergic to dust mites, right? For years I have wanted to get a hard floor in his bedroom so he has less exposure to dust. Also, he is a messy like most of us in the family, and the mess just had to go. Messes are dusty, no way around that.

So while he's at camp we are redoing his room. Same wall color, touched up all the little "life dings" in the walls and painted the bottom of the walls where the carpet was before.
I'm beat and sore from all this floor prep today, aided as I was by Todd and Pris. Actually, Todd's contribution was that he ripped up the carpet and stuffed it out the window this morning.
Spackling all the nail holes was the part I wasn't expecting. But the floor is completely prepped, I think, and I really hope to get the flooring down tomorrow after we pick the boy up from camp.

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katie said...

that looks like fun, and a lot of work! can't wait to see the finished product.