Monday, June 22, 2009

I Guess It's Time to Blog!

I have no certain reason why it has been a month since I blogged, but I certainly have pictures and drama to share now.
About a month ago, we had strong winds that broke the top out of our big leaf maple, but the huge branch stayed up there, hung up and ominous. Today the wind began again and early this evening we heard a huge cracking sound and ran out to see this:
Oh, my swing! I love summer afternoons and evenings swinging in the shade and the breeze, enjoying the view of mountains and farms below me. But my swing - it's toast! Really really toast! It's sure a good thing we weren't swinging.
Very sad.
Todd and Tyler got right to work and now all that tree top is neatly stacked in the back of the truck. Extraordinary! I never dreamed they would finish so quickly, but I should have known - Todd accomplishes amazing things when he sets his mind to it, and Tyler is a really good helper.
Poor swing. Maybe that 20% off coupon on lawn furniture at Fred Meyer is still good!