Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bandon Pier

Life jackets are available for children to wear while walking on the pier - use and return. Great idea. Not sure if that bird is a juvenile seagull or another species.
Crab pot watchers.
These folks were tending crab pots farther out.
So here is the first of a pair of seals, just hanging out! They hit the jackpot with salmon bits and bones washed from a fish cleaning sink out on the pier. The seagulls were pretty happy too!
This seal has a healed gash on its back. It certainly hasn't impaired its ability to eat - this dude or dudette was chubby! And amazingly maneuverable in the water. Really fun to watch!

Beach at Bandon Yesterday

Annie had a blast at the beach! She is still sleeping after a few hours yesterday chasing seagulls and running amok.

The huge outcroppings of rocks out on the Bandon beaches may be left over from a very old lava flow. All I know is, they are really cool to look at.
What a nice beach to walk on and a perfect day - 75 degrees, light breeze. Aaah.

Blue- Belly Lizard

Nice one. I wonder what else we miss by only looking at the obvious outward appearance of things and people...

Speed Scrabble (yes, we're still playing it!)

Maybe you can tell who isn't focused on winning the game?
Ah, now the expectant mother smells sustenance!
Don't let Michelle's sweet look fool you. She's killer at Speed Scrabble!

Feeds the birds, a LOT more than tuppence a bag!

Can you see how many gold finches are on the sock feeder? We started with about 6 pairs and wound up with more than 40 birds. They brought their kids!
If you enlarge the picture you will be able to see finches bathing in and drinking from the basin there. We haven't counted the kinds of birds that have used it, but off hand they include the finches, spotted towhees, robins, a screech owl, blue jays, chickadees and hummingbirds. That's all I can think of right now. My brain is fuzzy...
Four types of feeders are busy a lot. It makes us happy!

Boys Will be Boys

Comedy and Tragedy
They're so much fun!