Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And then there's the soil...

Because we basically live on a rock, we have had to create and fill raised beds in which to plant. We have learned the hard way which soils will support basic plant growth. We are doing a lot of soil amending, buying compost tea from the Douglas County Master Gardeners, which was almost magical in effect, and trying other organic options. I must admit to applying Miracle Gro veggie to the potatoes. I sure hope it helps.
This photo is of nicotiana plants in poor soil, to be thoroughly changed and improved this fall.

These are planted in another bed with much better soil, which also received a huge amount of water from the cleaning of the koi pond, probably full of nutrients. What a remarkable difference in these same kind of plants.
This is a different type of nicotiana, shorter and with short flower stems.
Just for fun, here is a flower that is new to me, called Cleome. I grew it from seed and I'll definitely plant them again. The flowers are fabulous. However, I need to pinch them a LOT so they are bushier and have many flowers rather than one on a single tall stalk. This is half the fun though, the learning curve! The soil, the bugs, the deer - think how we'll appreciate heaven.

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