Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cloudy Day at Shore Acres

It's official - Shore Acres at Charleston is magnificent. It was cloudy when I went there with Todd and the boys on the day these pictures were taken. It was sunny when Todd and I went there today, but I haven't downloaded pictures yet. So enjoy the cloudy stormy view!

Pure Ocean

(If you want my recommendation, just click on a picture and look at it for awhile. Stress will start slip-sliding away...)
Aren't these colors stunning?
There is a rainbow out there! So cool!
Early in the morning, birds were moving in large flocks, maybe to feeding areas? And way out there, the sunrise is pink on the horizon.
It did take 2 trips to the beach that week before I began getting my spunk and energy back! What a blessing to be able to get away with my friend and my family.

A Getaway to Lincoln City with my Friend

Don't get me wrong - I love my guys. But when my friend Michelle asked if I wanted to get outta town for a couple of days the week after Christmas, I was IN!!! We considered going to Portland, as neither of us have shopped at Ikea, and we want to. But the forecast was for freezing temps and strong winds howling down the Gorge, and with that news, Ikea quickly lost its appeal. We'll explore there another day.
Sometimes it feels like the coast is an old idea and there must be something else to do. But for me, maybe because life is so very demanding most every day, going to watch the ocean is just bliss. And when we found that the forecast for the coast was 55 degrees and sunny - hello Lincoln City!
Sun on the ocean is magic, isn't it?

Sunrise was amazing - something I rarely see when I'm at the beach! I think I'll make an effort to get up for it more often.

My Sons at the Beach - Christmas 2009

The trip to the north coast with my friend was wonderful. Then I came home for two days then went to Bandon for two days with Todd and the boys. (Wait - Michael is 18. Can I still call him one of the boys? For that matter, Tyler is 6'3". Does he still qualify?) Anyway, the extra beach time proved to be exactly what I needed to really rest. And rest is what I needed.

I'm glad my guys still love to go to the beach. And I'm glad they enjoy hanging out together - sometimes!