Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poor Plants

Usually I share pictures on this blog that I think are beautiful. But of course there is the other side of the coin. For example, I don't love the trailing tuberous begonias that I grow, weirdly enough. I like the upright ones beter. Still, this is what a healthy one looks like. And...

... this is what the one across from it looks like after it has been browsed by a marauding doe. (Insert sound of grinding teeth here)And these cosmos are being eaten into lace by these little green bugs with black spots - can you see it there? I know I should know what kind of bug that is, but I haven't gotten around to looking it up. Anybody know? All I know is, they are amazingly destructive, and every flower or plant that looks like this has a resident bug, which I squish with great energy.

And these beautiful and fragrant nicotiana blossoms are being used as a nursery larder for some aphid mommas. Wretched little beasties. They had to go. Yep - squished.

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