Tuesday, July 29, 2008

He Let Me Post These!

(This picture is supposed to go at the bottom.)
At a historical marker in central WA...(really needed lipstick here!)

...on the grounds of Maryhill Museum...(cool HUGE tree behind)
...and by the waterfalls.
Did I mention we had a good time? We had a good time. (Dang. I really need lipstick.)


Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

Thanks for all the pictures. I haven't been to any of the places you mentioned. While we're riding in the car today, I shall get out my atlas and find the spots you visited.

Please tell Todd thanks for appearing on the blog. Perhaps he deserves a homemade pie crust in appreciation? Tee hee!!! I know, I know I shouldn't mention it, but I couldn't resist!

Love, Karyn

Laura said...

Oooooohhhh!! They're kissing! :) Great pictures! Thanks for giving my starved eyes some NW vistas! Beautiful!

Meggan said...

awwwwww! i'm so happy to see todd. you two complement each others beauty so well. :)

i tagged you on my blog-please play.

Anonymous said...

Georgous pictures Zona...looks like you made some sweet memories!
love you, ML

Laura said...

P.S. I forgot to say that I really like Todd's goatee!