Friday, November 30, 2007

Compost Bin!

World's most elegant compost bin - prebuilt in the shop and ready for assembly.

Might be hard to see the nice arched gates Todd built.
They're so pretty.Nice cat Gabe, caught in a rarely good photo, sporting his nice thick winter coat.
My cute little Christmas country church, bought at the Riversdale Grange the day after Thanksgiving, for $15 - my favorite buy of the day, for the price.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good quote for me...

...from Dr. Crawford Lorritts of Living A Legacy:

"There is no such thing as wasting time when you're waiting on God. Your inactivity doesn't mean that God is inactive. When He puts you on Pause, He is mightily moving. There's stuff that He's doing in your life, and there's stuff that He's doing outside of your life, to bring a sense of convergence together, to make you ready for what He already has ready for you."

This is helpful for my patience level.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bunny Hutch

I wanted to show you the hutch Todd built for the bunnies. In the background you can see a corner of the greenhouse, some of the ramp leading to it and part of the garbage shed.
"What is the black thing hanging from below the cage?" you may ask. Well, it's a poo chute. Yep. It's gotta go somewhere! So we catch it and amend our beds with bunny poo. Turns out it's a pretty great system, originally designed by Michael and refined by Todd.

This is the ingenious removeable door Todd designed to keep out the wind and rain in the winter. Yes, there's a vetilation system for next summer. These bunnies may even get a runway to a ground cage next spring!

Here is the original, the gray bunners. I think she's getting old in bunny years. She holds perfectly still when I pet her for as long as I will do so.

And here is the fluffy friend I got for her as a baby. They are very sweet together, grooming each other and snuggling. She, however, is very wiggly and active, being very picky about which methods and styles of petting she will allow.

I like my bunnies.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday, Roseburg Style

Since yesterday was so relaxed (NO company - oddly enough, nice) Priscilla and I thought we would go shopping today. Actually, she decided at a frosty 5 a.m. that 6:00 a.m. was so not worth it for $.99 flannel at Joanne's. And snuggled back in. Good choice. Leaving together at 9:15 or so was much nicer, having enjoyed coffee and leftover cranbrosia and cheeseback (which taste amazing together, by the way) with Todd. Our first stop was the Craft Bazaar at Riversdale Grange, where I bought too many hand crafted beauties, and really enjoyed the atmosphere, as usual.

We then stopped in at Kruse Farms to stock up on Asian pears and apples, mostly. Also Yukon Gold potoatoes. Very chilly, even with their huge wood stove blazing.

So, drove by Joanne's to just check on the density of shoppers. Dense. So dense, in fact, that we continued on towards Macy's.

Which was quite dense, but with more floor space to accomodate the mass. Very nice to look at beautiful things and buy a few.

Back home, worked in the office for a while, a friend stopped by to chat for a couple of hours, ate turkey/stuffing/cranbrosia leftovers, watched Hunt for Red October. A great day after Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ah, November in Wilbur

This is the one bed that's fully dressed and layered with rabbit poo, newspaper and bark dust - Lime Thyme and flowers still blooming. The color sort of washed out - the snapdragons are a lovely coral, the lime thyme is vibrant green.

The three rosemary plants are so healthy! I picked chives today for my hash browns. Yes, that's salvia blooming in the background. And weeds. Got to deal with that.

Bright Lights swiss chard with varied thymes and another of the rosemary triplets. One of these days we'll get around to eating the chard to see how it tastes. This bed needs some serious soil amendment, so I'm a bit tentative to eat from it. And I sure don't want the guys to eat bad s.c. and think it's all nasty. Hence, procrastination...

To any of you who have sung in choirs directed by me, guess what? I'm back to it! I really thought those days were gone, but with some prompting, I believe from the Lord, I looked into it, and our "seeker-church", which has chosen to not "choir", has agreed that it would be great. So we have 6 weeks to pull together a couple of songs. AAAHHH!!! The turnout is great - 30 voices, some of which are experienced and beautiful. It's so neat to again have family included - Priscilla, Michael and Tyler, all of whom sing so well. Pray for me - this is a big challenge, and everyone seems to be taking it for granted that everything will be great!

Sorry I didn't blog for a while. I think I was depressed - okay, I was depressed. And I didn't want to dump all the junk in my mind into the world of blog. Now life is better, or it looks better to me. I'm functioning better. So maybe I'll start blogging again. Thanks to all of you who have given me a place to go on your blogs. You make me happy.