Sunday, July 29, 2007

Outside at my house today

Eric was kind enough to request a picture of our shady hide away under the old growth big-leaf maple, so here you go. It was sort of overcast today, for a change, so you don't see the deep blue sky.

I don't know how to describe how peaceful it is to sit here in a nice fresh breeze and leave the world behind.

Here's my Annie-girl, the most camera shy dog I have ever seen, and my constant companion and defender when I am out-of doors, all 25 pounds of her.

Here's the view beyond the maple tree. I never get tired of looking this way.

We may have finally found a flower combination that can hold up to the intense heat in our window boxes. Verbena, bacopa, calibrachoa and alyssum. I like 'em, and they're still going strong at the end of July! Woo-hoo!

Okay, this is what greets me outside my bedroom door every morning. It starts my day off so happy! There are ten of these of different colors and styles, and I just love them.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ministry picture table decoration

An unexpected day

For three years I have led a women's ministry. It has tested and stretched me in every imaginable way, and I have been fiercely committed to following the direction God led me. And today I was removed from its leadership. No, I didn't see it coming. No, I don't agree with the pastor's decision. And yes, I'll grieve over the loss. Isn't life a succession of changes, though? And sometimes I won't move out or on until there is no choice. So - maybe I get a rest, time to evaluate, opportunity for (more) self-examination, searching the Word, seeking the Lord. There will be more ministry. I know there will be more ministry. I'll miss this one. Boy, I will.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Now this is hot

Wow - our mountain top perch is so hot, so very hot. We have planted shade trees but it will be years before they make any significant difference. Our spot of respite outside is a huge maple tree behind the house. Todd has created (meaning built up) a flat area under it where our lawn swing and lawn chairs now live. The view is lovely, the breeze is almost constant, and I love being there. Very peaceful. It's comfortable on any but the hottest days (like today). Thank goodness for air conditioning!

We never got around to eating Todd's birthday cheesecake yesterday, so I think that's on next. Woohoo! I have to get better at taking pictures and knowing how to post them here.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Addiction to the Food Network

Why do I care who the next food network star is? There's an addictive quality that combines food (one of my delights) with decisions (I always have an opinion) with competition and reality tv (which I eschew), and I'm on the edge of my seat! Can't miss it. So far I'm rooting for Amy.

It's Time!

Hi, world! It's time for me to jump into the world of the blogger - I mean, what have I been waiting for? No question my posts won't be as regular as some of yours - by the way, I thank those of you who blog daily or more often. Often I need to step away from my day for a moment and it's so great to be able to peek into your lives. So here will be a glimpse into mine.