Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What's that? You don't believe me?
There you go.

Lunch with James and Karyn

The cousins enjoyed each other's company. I thought about making a short joke here, James, but decided against it, not having much room to comment.
We had such a great time with James and Karyn today. Like I said on Facebook, it was really hard to let them go.
It's seriously hard to get a picture of James when he's not commenting on the situation - hmmm, reminds me of my dad! There are so many pictures of Dad with his mouth open or pursed, taken as he was cracking wise. Funny guys, both of them.

We talked and laughed and talked some more. Well, we also ate. I hope they come again soon. We love having guests stop by - please do so if you're in the area!

Random Shots From the Last Week

These really were just in the camera from this past week so I thought I would share.
I love this view down the valley.
Todd and I did inspections at the coast last week and stopped for a few minutes to look at the lighthouse in Bandon.
Just when we thought we couldn't find a smaller frog, along came this one. (Todd found it and displays it for you here.) Many frogs live in our window boxes, as does this one.
How fun to cut flowers from the yard for today's lunch centerpiece! Aren't they lovely?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

As if that weren't enough family...!

On our way home we stopped at John and Ann's house a couple of times. Jim and Linda were in town - it just was that kind of weekend! It was great to see Dan and Angela - I keep up with them through her wonderful blog at http://dastump.blogspot.com/ . It will make you laugh!
They are wonderful parents to Jake and Tyler, who I have watched online for years, so it was really nice to meet them. There's a whole lotta somebody home here! What fun guys.
What a treat to be with Jim and Linda. They are treasures.
We had a wonderful time with John and Ann et al. They serve a mean warm chocolate chip cookie, and a delicious breakfast the next morning.
I'm really sorry I didn't get a picture of Ann! Missed somehow. But it was pretty cool to have the four of us sibs together. After being with Dave the day before it was like - Hey, Don and Mary Lou! Where you at?! We wished you were with us. We seriously should all get together.
Well, that's it for posts about our trip to further north in the Northwest last weekend. It was a great family fix, that's for sure!

Dinner in Kirkland

So Saturday night we decided to combine dinner with the ferry ride Pris and I were craving. You see, I absolutely love riding the Washington State ferries. It's a thing from my childhood, and it makes me feel all happy inside. Whenever I go to Washington I try to ride the ferry at least once. It's really inexpensive to walk on and it's a round-trip fare. Here is another ferry on the water at the same time.
We parked by the ferry terminal in Edmonds and walked on to the grande boat. It's only a fifteen or twenty minute ride across to Kirkland. This was taken through the window - hence the reflection.
Isn't the water pretty? It reminds me of shiny blue, very active, jello.
On the Kirkland side we saw this charming community, complete with lots of sailboats. We walked up a small hill from the dock, chose from several nice restaurants, ate a great dinner, walked back down the hill and completed the trip back. Now that's what I call the complete dinner experience!

Sunday Lunch With Dave's Fam

(Sorry I cut off Nika's head) The younger kids were quite tired of posing, and very cute!
David with Annaliese, his youngest. (I hope I spelled her name right)
Miles and Nika - I was SO bummed it turned out blurry! Nika is a lovely young woman. It was great to catch up with Miles after many years.

Leslie is so much fun to be with. We laughed a lot!
Grandma and Grandpa with six beautiful grandchildren at the waterfront in Kirkland.

Seattle Relatives

These next blogs may not interest anyone who doesn't know my family, but for anyone who does, you will probably really enjoy them! We'll start with Dave and Shirley on their balcony overlooking Lake Washington. What a beautiful view they have! It was so nice to see them again.
You can sort of see the lake behind us. It is so beautiful in person.
Couldn't believe we ran into Tim and Mary at the street fair in Edmonds!
We stayed with Cynthia and Robert, and Tom hung out with us for a while. We got to meet his lovely new wife, Janeene! It's very nice to see him so happy.
We enjoy these people SO much!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Beating the Heat at the River

Tyler's "Alfalfa" imitation - can you see his little cowlick, compliments of Michael?
The way this non-swimmer enjoyed the river was in Todd's float tube from his lake fishing days.
Poised to take the jump together...
(I missed the action shot... )
and just popped up!
I love my guys!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Evening Garden Shots

I don't get many blooms in the pond and this one is worth celebrating. It's a water hyacinth. The blooms only last for a day but they are lovely.
I couldn't resist the setting sun shining through this nicotiana.
Two different lavenders and a mock orange. Oh, and a dusty miller.
The window boxes are looking good. (No brag, just fact - that's an old tv western line - can't think which one - for any youngsters out there!) We haven't had too much extreme heat yet.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunset Last Night

The sky last night was magic!

I couldn't stop marveling at the delicate beauty of these clouds.
(See the moon?)
Like froth from ocean waves. But better.
Then the color became more intense...
...then was gone!

Millie's Wedding

Our dear friend Millie has remarried. She is in her 70's, her husband in his 80's. She honored me with the request that I decorate for her reception. It was fun!
A closeup of the centerpieces
The greeting table.