Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beauty on the Mountain

I never get used to the beauty I'm surrounded with up here on Wilson's Mountain, as Shirley Stump calls our place. Most of it is created by God, but some is helped along by us too. Randy Alcorn wrote a beautiful blog quite recently about how God made us to love the beauty of the earth, to have a deep appreciation and satisfaction from it. You can find it at .
These are the window boxes below the living room windows. I like how the sunset is reflected in the windows, and how you can't tell how much they need to be washed!
Since I was a little girl, when the sky looks like this I think about Jesus coming back, and wish He would.
I have to be so careful with fuschias here. If they get dry at all, all the blossoms shrivel up. And these are so gorgeous that I really try to water thoroughly every day. Every once in a while I forget and always regret it.
The tuberous begonia back porch is starting to bloom! Every year it's such a treat.

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