Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Time to let you know I am much perki-er, even here on the really real net place. Todd went to the eye doctor today for himself, and my replacement glasses arrived early! What an amazing relief. And yes, I will be buying a backup pair. And a computer pair too.

A couple of visits to the chiro and a massage have reduced the pain in my head significantly. Again, the relief is amazing. So this is what energy feels like!

Must get to small group - maybe a couple or three new ladies tonight. Interesting how the Lord works.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Small Whines

Over on my Facebook page I am very perky and thankful right now, so I can't whine there. However, here I make my own rules and suspect that few people will ever know I blog-whined, and there is a certain freedom in that.

My neck hurts. On the left side of my neck, behind my left ear it is swollen a bit and very tender to the touch. Now the tenderness/throbbing has grown to include the left side of my scalp and the front of my ear as well. I think it is a seriously subluxated top vertebra because the intensity can be affected by my sitting/standing position.

I have two tiny finger cuts, one of which hurts.

I have a low-grade fever.

For two days my tummy has hurt, like I have gas but the pain and bloating won't go away no matter how organic my yogurt or apple cidar vinegar, both of which usually keep my irritable innards behaving reasonably well. Blech. I think it's stress. This is a packed week. So is next week, and - well, until Christmas the pressure is on.

Sprained my ankle a bit yesterday while doing inspections.

(Are you catching the barely sentient vibe here?)

And to top things off, the frame on my frameless glasses broke. Yep. My expensive really hip glasses are super-glued together. Uh-huh. So Todd's wonderful solution may get me through until new glasses are available, but the lenses are slightly tipped, the prescription is changed, and my eyes hurt. Ache. Poor me.

And then I remember how small are my woes. Compared with so many, my selfish whine is pathetic. Still, I'm posting this because it is making me feel better just WHINING. And I think my fever may be gone. Hooray for large doses of Extra Strength Tylenol.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My camera is in Anchorage, but I have thoughts, so I'll share. Michael's last regular season football game is tonight, but it's in Florence and weather is supposed to be torrential rains coming sideways, so Todd and I are staying home. Date night! We are thawing venison backstrap and thinking Redbox. Any movie suggestions? Last Saturday we rewatched The Proposal - I liked it better the first time.

I have been thankful this week for the Harvest Moon. Wow - huge and varied in color. When I first saw it, Todd and I were coming home from inspections and the moon was full and huge and glowed like an irridescent pearl. The next night it was amber colored and hung over the football game.

What a dreadful thing to have happened at Fort Hood. I keep remembering and praying for those involved. I heard from Ryan and he said everyone over there is pretty shook up too.

Nancy Doner stopped by yesterday morning and we met at My Coffee in Roseburg, my absolute fave spot for the good drink. She filled me in on many of my old friends from Sand Lake Baptist, and that was great. She is quite a gal.

When will I have time to paint the apartment? I know the colors already, but need a dedicated three or four days, and those are pretty scarce. I also need a dedicated week for collections in the office. Sigh - I don't like collections. Did you ever just want to duck out of regular life for a while? Yeah. And I still haven't planted my winter planters for the porches.

But in general things are fine with so much to be thankful for! The rain, the blue sky peeking through occasionally, my family, our business, the Lord's great love and mercy, opportunity to serve Him meaningfully. These are treasures.