Monday, January 28, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

Same scene as The Blah Day, but a slightly different look!
For those of you who know my aversion to this fluffy stuff, you may be surprised that I feel fine about life now. Maybe it was the "two steps forward, slide one back" walk up the hill because even the truck couldn't make it up the first steep corner. Yes, even with Todd at the wheel. Maybe there's more blood pumping to my brain.

Today the snow went away and blue sky appeared. Kind of pretty, if I do say so.

I hate snow. Really.

When we finally got back up the hill the power was out. Sure, why not? No heat, no light, no toilet filling, no refrigeration, no cooking...that kind of power outage. A phone call confirmed that there was no power in sight because many people were indeed without power in many parts of the west coast. K. Then we settled into the situation, and wound up being a little disappointed when the lights came on 5 hours later. It was kind of fun "roughing it" with quiet (really quiiiiiiet), and candles. And cooking fabulous burgers over a camp stove, courtesy of Todd's super-human qualities.
But we did decide to get a wood stove!

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Laura said...

Those are awesome pictures Zona! It think it's the first time I've seen your mountain with snow like that!