Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day Four...

This is the truck I am able to use to get to down the hill - thank goodness for it, because Michael is still having to go to school. The chains on the back tires make an amazing difference. We have left Priscilla's car at the bottom of the hill (not that we had any choice) and are using that to get around.
The deer protection nets look like snuggle blankets for the trees.
It's pretty weird to have this snow for so long. However, after watching the news this morning I have resolved to change my whiny attitude and be thankful it's not much worse.

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Katie and Chris said...

I want snow! Ours sticks for so little, but luckily we're at a higher elevation next to the volcano, so we get more snow than a lot of Portland.

You will save some for me, eh?