Thursday, January 10, 2008


For Poetry Thursday I'll pass on a bit from the Riverdance Souvenir Programme from last night. I guess I'll have to share a few because they're short. Please, if any of you can, see this show, just for the joy.

* * *
Cry of an infant
heartbeat of the world
Storm against ship
heartbeat of the world
Heel against floor and wave upon shore
Heartbeat of the world

* * *
Over the roof tops the music calling
The air familiar but not our own
Like something out of a story book
Somebody dancing in the
memory of snow

* * *
In dance and song
we gift and mourn our children
They carry us over the ocean
in dance and song
Out of the night we come
Out of the sea
On a new shore lights blaze in the dawn
Heal their hearts - feed their souls
Their lives can be golden if your love enfolds

* * *
Where the river foams and surges to the sea
silver figures rise to find me,
wise and as daring
following the heart's cry

* * *
Thunder and lightening batter the rocks
The winds howl and great storms break on the forest
We will not go down
We will not be beaten down like grain

Riverdance was wonderful. The perfect anniversary gift for Todd and me to give each other.

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Laura said...

Thanks Aunt Zona! I've always wanted to see Riverdance. Maybe someday!