Friday, January 25, 2008

A Rebel's "Poetry Thursday" Post

To begin with, Thursday was CRAZY. You don't want to hear about it except to say WAHOO - FAIRMOUNT HOUSE IS RENTED! regarding a portion of it.

So I didn't post a poem on Thursday.

Being the observant type, I noticed that Meg really didn't either. She posted a quote from a children's book. It was as profound as some poems, but definitely prose.

So, I'm posting Thursday's poem on Friday, and it is not a poem. It is a quote from the book "The Princess Bride", which is quite different from the movie while detracting nothing from it, and is a must-read for Princess Bride afficianados.

Buttercup looked at Westley. "You all right? I was worried about you back on the bed there. Your eyes rolled up in your head and everything."

"I suppose I was dying again, so I asked the Lord of Permanent Affection for the strength to live the day. Clearly, the answer came in the affirmative."

"I didn't know there was such a Fellow," Buttercup said.

"Neither did I, in truth, but if He didn't exist, I didn't much want to either."

Certainly not as profound as Meg's or as lyrical as Priscilla's, nor indeed as inspiring as Laura's, but I enjoyed it anyway. I hope you enjoy it also.

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