Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Love the Beach

I really do. With no agenda this time, no specific reason to get away, somehow I just sat and looked at the water a lot. I watched the waves in different lights, and at several points along the beach. I watched bald eagles sitting in trees for a long time. I drank coffee (Kaladi's, ground at home and hauled along, also half 'n' half) with my feet up, sitting wrapped in a hotel bedspread, looking at the waves forever. It was very refreshing. And contemplative.

I thought I needed to read while I was away. And I read the whole of "Five Dysfunctions of a Team" by Lencioni. But what I really needed to do was look at the ocean.

Two criterion for every restaurant at the beach: -Gourmet cuisine. -Overlooking the ocean. Sunrise, sunset.

Walked up 110 steps to the lens of the lighthouse at Yaquina Head. Wonderful.

And we saw "The Bucket List". We both really liked it, a fairly rare occurance. But we were both affected by it in quite different ways. Beautifully acted and touching.

The DUH point was forgetting my digital camera at home. I bought a single use and hope they can put them on a cd at Fred Meyer tomorrow. If so I'll post some pictures. It was beautiful.

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