Sunday, September 30, 2007

Late night musings

It's always a dangerous thing to records one's thoughts from late at night. Things rarely seem the same in the morning (example from Priscilla's blog which apparently I am not heeding...) but I venture to write anyway.

I thought about starting a blog for a long time before I actually did the deed. The very thought of an on-line journal seemed full of pitfalls to me. How safe could it be to record my musings for anyone to read? My thoughts confuse me sometimes - how could others look behind my words to my heart? So I read the blogs of others and saw how it could be done. Some were so deep and provocative that I truly felt that I was intruding. Some were funny, some touching, some (frankly) boring. But the true thing was that these blogs created a connection between me and other people, most of whom I am related to and care about with passion. I search them out, I read them daily. Those of you who write blogs that I know about, thanks for sharing your lives out there where I can see them.

Something makes me hesitate to post, though, when life is mundane or I am down in the dumps. Like another blog I check daily, I like to entertain, to post interesting pictures. But right now, I'm stuck. Other's lives around me go on merrily and busily, new challenges, new ideas. And I'm in a holding pattern. I'm cynical, full of questions, when I care, and no one to ask.

So tomorrow I'll likely post pictures of the 12 quarts of salsa that Todd and I made today. I'll tell about the greenhouse that now has a beautiful clear roof, and the rain that's expected for two weeks. But tonight I'm putting the night thoughts out there. Because they're real too.


Rachel said...

i am so very excited to see you, todd and the boys!!! thank you for your comment, i love knowing people's thoughts. i get all giggly inside when i think of being able to see your house, land, and be with you all. *sigh* so soon :)

jenna's blogs said...

i like this post:)