Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why We Don't Live in the Middle of the Country

It's the ocean. Even though we don't go to the beach often, I know it's there, available.

That's why.

Last Saturday our electricity went out. Not a surge, or a flicker. It was gone-zo, baby, from down south to up north, expected for hours. Todd (thank goodness someone in this house is spontaneous) said, "Let's go to Bandon. Let's spend the day at the beach."

So we did. It was perfect, 60 degrees with the sun hot and the breeze crisp. Lunch at Subway, shopping after. Oh, yeah....

The colors! I can't get over the colors.

Boys. Large, really large rocks. Must climb.


meggan said...

I have such good memories of going to Bandon with you and todd and the boys, especially when we lived in Vancouver and came down to see you guys. Your house was a very good place for us then I think. I always felt loved and at home. Those pictures made me want to be on the coast with you. Beautiful.
Love you,


Laura said...

Gorgeous. I'm jealous.

And when were you going to tell us that you had a blog? :)

meggan said...

we don't live in the middle of the country, and we don't have anything like that. granted, we have other natural wonders, but i think the oregon coast, once experienced [by the right person of course] haunts you forever.

Katie and Chris said...

your pictures make me laugh, and it does sound like we had a very similar weekend. I LOVE that the beach is so close.

ang said...

Thanks for your comment on our blog! You're inspiring me to take our little family on a trip to the beach. Gotta love the Oregon beautiful. We are so blessed to live in such a gorgeous part of God's creation, huh?!