Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall Walk to Rest

So God has me doing this REST thing, which is pretty unfamiliar. But I'm giving it a try. Yesterday, in the spirit of cooperation with The Divine Deity, I took a walk. Well, a stroll. Down the driveway with Annie. Along the way...
I have been trying to get close enough for a good lizard picture forever, and it happened yesterday. Only this isn't one of our tame, charming blue-bellies, we call it an alligator lizard, after its huge jaws and agressive temperament. I don't think he felt that he needed to scurry out of my way - I would be scared to try to pick him up. He was right.
The label was accurate - Brandywine Heirloom Tomatoes take FOREVER to ripen. Here's the very first, on September 17th. Can't wait to try it though.

Poison oak is a beautiful plant, especially in the fall.

There must be some spiritual significance to that...

Here's the first of our sweet gum trees to start getting color. These guys have been babied and watered well this summer, and they are finishing the season looking good. I'm hoping for great red color. Next year we'll let them seek more of their own water.
Great Bible study today from James 4:13-17, on submitting to God's will in our lives. Full group, good discussion. As usual, we only got half way through the lesson. This study has taken a long time, but James is so rich in truth I feel like we could just start over and gain so much more.

I'm off to take Tyler to Tae Kwon Do - how in the world do you spell that? Todd bought a whole box of huge tomatoes for $5.00 at Kruse Farms, and I think tomorrow I'll process the ripest ones. Probably cook them down and freeze them for the winter. But I'll do it slowly, resting-like.


Katie and Chris said...

mmmm...that tomato looks yummy. And I have no idea how tae kwon do is spelled, but that looks right! I'm glad you had time to rest.

Drew said...

hello aunt zona! i've heard many great things about you and would love to meet you sometime. many apologies for the sideways pictures, i'm not sure how to make them appear straight on the website, not sure who won the game of golf... it was a definately a learning experience.
as for that poison oak you have on your blog... i'm not a huge fan, i had quite the run in with it back in the day. again i hope to meet you someday soon! until then have a good weekend!

meggan said...

I read your comment on meg's blog about your greenhouse being almost done and would love to see some pictures when it is complete. Snows coming down the mountains, though today was beautiful and warm. Love to you all.