Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sublime to Ridiculous to Courage to Closure

This was the view towards the south from my front porch this morning as the sun was coming up. I never get tired of the beauty around us here on the hill. Or, as Shirley calls it,
Wilson's Mountain!

Can you say From the Sublime to the Ridiculous?
Michael may be in 10th grade, but he still can't resist playing with a cardboard box!
I can't believe I didn't take my camera for Tyler's first Tae Kwon Do lesson. He did absolutely great for his first time, but he very nearly fainted, poor guy. He didn't know what, "Don't lock your knees" means! You never saw a person more lime green in your life. I mean, he had the tunnel vision and flashing lights and everything and he (amazingly) managed to stagger over to where Priscilla and I were cross-legged on the floor and did a manly job of holding it together! Then he got back up and rejoined the group! I was very impressed with son number three. Tough guy.

I had a "closure meeting" at church today with the lead pastor and the leader of women's ministries. I won't go into details, just that I was able to state the situation as I see it, we discussed and clarified so that no one was unsure where the others stood, everyone was heard, and I just felt good about it. It was a big-girl step for me. For now I still have some resting, processing time ahead.


Katie and Chris said...

boys are funny! I think Addie would think that's funny, too. I'm glad you took a big girl step ... those can be challenging but very strengthening.

Laura said...

I love the different shades of blue in the picture. Thanks for sharing. It helps my eyes to rest. There aren't many "look far" vistas in my Baltimore life. I'm glad that the church meeting went OK. As hard as I'm sure it was and still is, closure will help. I love you!

Laura said...

sorry about the orange shirt! :) I wearing Nik's T-shirt in an attempt to not get too burned (and probably I shouldn't have been wearing my scandalous bikini in pictures on a public blog anyway! :)