Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Office Roof Blows Off!

Blogspot always puts pictures in opposite order, so this is an after shot that shows a professionally installed tarp on this entire side of the building. (Plug for Serv-Pro here.) It's so wonderful that they came out so quickly, because a torrential downpour began as they completed the job, and the rain lasted for about 15 hours. Today they returned and removed all evidence that there was ever a roof on the ground - as follows.
It was a "torch-down" roof, common on older manufactured homes, which is what our office building is.
The young man who headed up the tarping/cleanup crew said we definitely got hit much harder than anyone else in our area - the wind must have been pointed just right to funnel up our little valley.
Todd was inside at the time it tore off, and he said the noise was amazing.
Thank the Lord, we have insurance that will pay for all the cleanup, tarping and replacing the roofing. I detest paying for so much insurance every month, but it sure comes in handy at times like this.


Karyn said...

Yikes! I'm glad Todd is safe and sound! I didn't know you got funnel clouds in OR. Is it a common springtime occurrence?
Love, Karyn

Zona Wilson said...

We don't get funnel clouds, Karyn. This was a very strong sustained blow with extra high gusts thrown in for good measure. And like you, I'm so glad that no one was injured. Just amazed!

Sharon said...

Amazing! So glad the workers could get on it right away. Were a lot of other roofs damaged in your area?

Zona Wilson said...

Sharon, apparently we were "special" this particular windy day. The emergency guy told me the next day that he hadn't heard of any other damage from the storm besides ours! We were very blessed that there was no interior damage, and the new roof is expected to be installed tomorrow. If it had happened during the night and we hadn't been wakened, there could have been devastating damage to the offices.

Sharon said...

Amazing! I'd say that God had you covered! (Pun intended!)