Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Goldfinches Are Back!

In order to grow lilacs in my front beds, these wire cylinders are required protection from the local population of marauding deer. One very cool and not expected perk is that the local hummingbirds and finches are using the wire cage as a resting place close to their feeders.
Look at this little fluff ball resting and looking out for his mate while she's feeding.
Here is a finch "sock" feeder and the hummingbird feeder for this side of the house. I think there are two finches on their feeder and I also think that's a hummingbird tail on its feeder. We have to have hummingbird feeders on both sides of the house because they are so territorial. We watched one little guy chase away bird after bird for a couple of days, then noticed that while he was away for a few minutes a couple birds slipped in and were soooo hungry! That was when I got out the second feeder and put in on the other side of the house. They both are used all day.
The birds are thirsty too, and appreciate the waterfalls. Even though the algae makes me cringe, the birds don't seem to mind at all. I love it when the creeping phlox blooms in the spring.

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