Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Plants

What fun it was last Saturday to transplant babies! They were pretty stuffed into these seeding 9-packs. I still haven't figured out why some of the cells don't germinate at all and some have several plants, or why some of the babies are teensy and some are big. I just go with what I get.
Here's the way I separate out the babies
and give them each their own new and spacious quarters in the greenhouse-within-the-greenhouse, specially adapted for tender babies. I'll try to post followup pics as they take off.
Now, the tomato seeds almost all germinate,
and look so happy in their larger homes. These should be sturdy happy healthy plants just in time for planting outside!


Karyn said...

Hi Zona,
I've never had much luck with seeds, and this post clued me in to what might be my problem.
I've never onced moved the seedlings to bigger pots! They've just grown and then sort of died out. Am I supposed to move them to bigger pots? Is that why my seeds don't usually make it to the garden and I end up buying plants? Hum...
Love, Karyn

Zona Wilson said...

Hi Karyn, Um, yes! There are several factors to success in growing from seed, but proper lighting, regular fertilization and potting up to progressively larger pots would probably be the three most important! If you want a bit of a tutorial, I'm all yours! All you need to do is ask.

Sharon said...

I'm impressed, Zona! You've become a master gardener! You would love the growing conditions here in the region of rain forests. You just stick a plug in the dirt and ... voila, a tree bursts forth! (Well, it's not quite that fast but you don't have to root anything before planting.)