Thursday, July 9, 2009

Evening Garden Shots

I don't get many blooms in the pond and this one is worth celebrating. It's a water hyacinth. The blooms only last for a day but they are lovely.
I couldn't resist the setting sun shining through this nicotiana.
Two different lavenders and a mock orange. Oh, and a dusty miller.
The window boxes are looking good. (No brag, just fact - that's an old tv western line - can't think which one - for any youngsters out there!) We haven't had too much extreme heat yet.

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Rachel said...

Oooh, I like that water hyacinth! Very pretty. And of course, I always like lavender.

Now that I have planted flowers outside, they are doing much better! The impatiens and begonias you suggested are doing very well. I also got some dusty miller, vincas, petunias, and new guniea impatiens that are doing well.

It turns out that our apartment is too damp and moldy to have plants indoors. :( I tried a cactus and thought it would do well because it wouldn't need much water. But even with mostly dry soil, it grew mold on top of the dirt! My neighbors have had the same problems with mold killing their indoor plants.

Thanks again for your tips on plants that do well in the shade. I'll have to post pictures of my outdoor flowers on my blog so you can see them.