Monday, July 20, 2009

Beating the Heat at the River

Tyler's "Alfalfa" imitation - can you see his little cowlick, compliments of Michael?
The way this non-swimmer enjoyed the river was in Todd's float tube from his lake fishing days.
Poised to take the jump together...
(I missed the action shot... )
and just popped up!
I love my guys!


GeekyTogether said...

What a fun day! Next time invite us to tag along; I'm dying to have some friends to go play at the river with!! (I haven't been all summer... my maternity swimsuit is dying to be used!)

Sharon said...

Wow! Am I ever behind on your blog. I'd been checking it regularly and then, when there weren't any new posts I stopped ... "that'll learn me!" as they say!
'great photos, Zona!

Anonymous said...

What handsome boys you have! (all 3)love you, ML

Zona Wilson said...

Sharon, I confess that I tend to blog in spurts, so right now the stars must be in the right alignment! Glad you came back to check!

Laura said...

Great pictures! :)