Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dinner in Kirkland

So Saturday night we decided to combine dinner with the ferry ride Pris and I were craving. You see, I absolutely love riding the Washington State ferries. It's a thing from my childhood, and it makes me feel all happy inside. Whenever I go to Washington I try to ride the ferry at least once. It's really inexpensive to walk on and it's a round-trip fare. Here is another ferry on the water at the same time.
We parked by the ferry terminal in Edmonds and walked on to the grande boat. It's only a fifteen or twenty minute ride across to Kirkland. This was taken through the window - hence the reflection.
Isn't the water pretty? It reminds me of shiny blue, very active, jello.
On the Kirkland side we saw this charming community, complete with lots of sailboats. We walked up a small hill from the dock, chose from several nice restaurants, ate a great dinner, walked back down the hill and completed the trip back. Now that's what I call the complete dinner experience!

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