Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunny Day, Sweeping the Clouds Away...

Anybody else remember the old Sesame Street opening song?

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining, plants are bustin' out all over, the choir sang over the weekend and I am movin' on! (BTW, our Easter choir experience was WONDERFUL - our church does a community outreach service at the local HS on Easter Sunday, so Palm Sunday is our church family Easter service, and that's when we sang.)

The renters have moved out of Fairmount house, so we are trying, yet again, to sell. Boy, are we ever taking a financial beating on this place. Now we want to just sell really cheap and start over. As Dave Ramsey says, we are paying the stupid tax and learning from it! ANYhow, that means it needs to be staged again. Now, ordinarily that would sound like fun, right? Not this time, because all I want to do this week is garden! There's lots to do in the office, too, and a couple of ministry items that are clamoring for their piece of my attention. So, as wonderful and complete as my plan is for staging, the reality may be much more modest. Anybody want to have a staging party? Hmmm?

But the sun is shining, and it is Easter week, and I just can't stay under the load for very long - it keeps slipping off my shoulders! Four beautiful does meandered through the meadow this morning - so peaceful. As long as they're not eating my (newly-heightened and fortified-fenced) dogwood.

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