Monday, April 20, 2009

Had to Catch a Hummingbird

Yesterday Priscilla discovered a hummingbird caught in the rafters of the greenhouse. The boys tried to catch it, but it took Todd's ingenuity to acomplish the task. He finally used two bamboo poles and a garbage bag to corner/pin the bird and Michael was able to gently capture it for release outside.

Before releasing it we wanted to capture on film (memory card?) the amazing head - it glowed like neon or fluorescence in bright fuchsia. It only really glows in the sunshine. As you can see in the top picture, where I got to hold and release it, pictured with the sun behind it, the head hardly looks colored.

A very cool experience. He took off in a few seconds, straight up about 25 feet, then off to the south and a tree perch. I hope there was nectar available somewhere close. I really should put up a feeder...

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Rachel said...

What a beautiful bird! I'm glad you were able to catch it.