Monday, April 20, 2009

The Greenhouse (and peas) in April

These peas were planted last fall - I wanted to see how they would winter over. As you can see, even several snowfalls couldn't daunt these peas - they are verrry happy and covered with blooms. Peas will happen soon!
This is what the greenhouse was built for! Happy plants.
We collected seeds from two different wave petunias last year, planted them a couple of months ago. They are healthy and will be ready to plant out within a month.
The five kinds of tomatos are also thriving - aren't they beautiful?! And the leaves smell wonderful, Meg! Wish you could smell them for yourself!


Rachel said...

Your plants look great! I wish I could visit and you could teach me how to do it!

Thanks for your helpful comment on my post. I will look for some begonias and fuchsias. I never realized how little sunlight we get here in our apartment. After several winters in Alaska, it feels sunny here to me. I never realized that we get precious little sunlight even in the summer!

Funny thing, though, William and I were outside today and I looked at one of my flower pots. It was back under some shelves and hadn't been watered in weeks. I thought everything had died, but there's a little sprout coming up!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear! I have garden envy! I have been busy with work but I need to update you on my gardening situation...I think I killed my lil cucumber and zucchini by putting them in too much heat too fast :( still trying to revive them and beg for their forgiveness. I'll keep you posted!
~ Ashley