Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Pictures

Pulled these beauties out of the oven about 15 minutes ago - Pecan Sticky Buns - YUM!!!
In the winter I rarely check on the koi, so it was reassuring to count 13 fish the other day. They're all still healthy!
For anyone who has had to navigate our "driveway" the past several months, you will be glad to know that it now resembles a real driveway much more closely, thanks to three days work by two men on three large, noisy machines. Now the driveway feels like a highway! Quite a relief.
A recent sunrise down the valley.
My favorite - a crescent moon.

I think it may be time to post pictures of the very start of the year's baby plants - they are beginning to sprout! What fun!


Rachel said...

Oooh! Sticky buns? I'll be right over!

Thanks for sharing the pictures. That sunset picture is gorgeous!

Thank you also for your sweet comments on my blog.

GeekyTogether said...

Ooh those sticky buns look amazing! When do I get the "cooking with Zona while using healthy sugars 101" class?

Laura said...

Yeah - I definitely am also interested in how to make sticky buns like that with healthy sugars! Because they look GOOD!

And I'm glad to hear about your new road. That's great!

Zona Wilson said...

For white sugar, I use organic evaporated cane juice, for brown I use organic brown sugar. It still is sugar and has an effect, I'm sure, but not nearly like the processed, bleached, chemicalized other stuff!
I combined two recipes to create these, one for cinnamon rolls and the other for sticky buns - seems to have been a good choice!
And yes, if requested I'll type up the recipes and post them!

Laura said...

I'd be grateful for the recipe!