Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Bandon Beach Pictures

The wind was whipping on the beach, sand was flying by, and our friend who was raised in Hawaii was not amused by her first experience with the temperatures at the beach on this side of the Pacific Ocean. We found a spot out of the wind behind this huge rock, and set up our folding chairs. I donated a down jacket and fleece blanket to the cause of keeping her from hypothermia, to join her gloves, hat, two shirts and a sweatshirt. She still froze.
We settled into our protected spot, but you know - we just couldn't see the waves very well.
Priscilla was the first one to make a break for the ocean. She was soon far away and down by the waves and rocks. I think she is happiest right there. Michelle eventually unbent her frozen self out of her chair and joined us by the water for some rock-hounding.
I am endlessly fascinated by patterns in the sand created by water and wind. I took many more pictures than these ten, several of other interesting patterns, but those will only be posted by request. I don't want to bore you.
A friendly passer-by took this nice picture of us friends as we (reluctantly) left the beach and headed back home. What a nice break.
I didn't mention the shopping. It was a particularly profitable shopping day. Took my mind riiiight off my troubles. I mean responsibilities.


Laura said...

1. You good patriot you - shopping to help the economy! :)
2. I love those sand patterns so I would like to see more pictures!

It sounds like a great trip! (And it's good to see pictures of my mom too!)

Laura said...

Zona - Nik has promised to blog about the community association so that we'll all know what that means and what his job will be! :)

Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

I'm so happy you had a nice break!

Thanks for the pictures. What a beautiful place. I'm glad you take time to enjoy the ocean when possible. to make a pot of veggie chili for dinner.

Love, Karyn

PS: I'd love to see the additional pictures as well.

Rachel said...

The patterns in the sand are really cool! I'm requesting more pictures. :)