Friday, October 31, 2008

Tyler's Halloween Costume

You know, we're just at the place where Robin Hood or even Gandalph costumes don't cut it anymore. And while we should have been long prepared for this, well, that's just not how my mind works. So, having no costume even after the dance started, I was searching through closets for inspiration and found Todd's old Army National Guard uniform. It was a perfect fit in sleeve and pants length, just a bit loose through the shoulders and chest. It was weird the emotions that went through me as I saw him standing there all dressed in uniform. Almost like sending him off, you know? But it's only to a dance and the Jr High Halloween party, so I guess it's okay!


Katie said...

gosh, you've been busy blogging! I love all the fun picture of fall, and I'm sorry you were hurt ... I will pray that you heal up soon. That deer look so nice, and I'm sure he'll be so delicious throughout the winter! I wouldn't mind having my own hunting grounds, either.

Laura said...

Tyler's looks so official and old. Yikes.