Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do I Really Need New England in the Fall?

For years I have wanted to see New England's autumn glory. And their antique stores! I have dreamed of touring all the states "up there" with a U-Haul trailer in tow to stash all my found treasures and bring them to the left coast with me. However, along with a full home has come a satiety towards accumulation, a desire to be content with what I already own, a newfound distaste for clutter. (Not that I have conquered said clutter which already exists in my life.) That takes care of the U-Haul issue.
And I just may have lost my desire to see the fall colors in other places, having newly discovered the natural fall bounty of southern Oregon. Todd and I went on a driving date Saturday up the North Umpqua River. Michael was paintballing and Tyler and Priscilla preferred home activities. I want to share with you pictures from the day. It may take more than two postings to get them all in, since I seem unable to place more than 5 photos in one blog. (A little help, anyone?)

Tokatee Lake reflection
Native maples

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