Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Garden Images

It's exciting to see fall peas coming up. Never planted at this season before.
It will be interesting to see if we actually get any peas from these! And here are the baby carrots we planted in a large tote. Again - I'll let you know if they grow to maturity at this season.
For this I plant tuberous begonias. They hide on my back porch off the bedroom, but what a splurge of opulent color every time I pass their way! They bless me.
Okay, two plants, both new to me, that the deer have not marauded. Yet. This one is a perennial salvia, color Red. The blue salvias are apparently quite a different flavor, since they are all now only sticks with tiny clusters of leaves at their bases, struggling to survive. The red, however, look quite promising! Even attractive.
And this is a Russian Sage, down the hill in the total deer zone (all deer, all the time). I was so excited to see this, blooming all over its lovely light purple stalks! Several of the tips were grazed but it must have a pretty nasty aftertaste or it would be a stub.
I thought it best not to post the many MANY plant carcasses around the house. Maybe we'll get more fencing up before next season. Hey, it's all a learning curve, right?


Laura said...

Those begonias are gorgeous! Tina (my MIL) just got some Russian sage from her garden. Your looks beautiful!

Katie said...

this makes me want to come to your house and snack on your plants. yummy peas ... i hope they grow well!

Meggan said...

ZONA! When I got my new computer, I had to try to remember who my bookmarks were. I'm so happy to have your blog back again. Your garden is just flourishing with your hard work. It seems the snow and cold came early this year, single digits today. I'm excited to go catch up with you...