Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Pleasures

Truly, fall time comes in a close second to spring as the best season. After the intense heat and searing dryness of summer here, the first rain brings joy and anticipation of the return of green hills for the winter. Tiny pops of brilliant yellow maple leaves appear among broad expanses of green. Then whole trees begin to shine and distinguish themselves from the evergreens.
Trips to Fred Meyer bring pansies to plant in porch containers for winter color.
The farm stand yields big bags of apples to peel and cook down, spiced apple butter for yummy toast toppings all winter. Can't wait to start peeling. Sugar pumpkins snuggle next to "hunny" and new jars for canning.
Above, the clouds balloon dark grey and spit big spatters of rain, then unload and drench the dry ground. Soon, though, the sun and blue sky take back over and shine the brighter for the washed clean air.
Michael has a football game tonight. It's been a kick to get back into the high school sports scene - the stands packed with enthusiastic small town people, the kids working so hard out there.
Poor Pris is under the weather - horrible cold. I think I'll make a big pot of chicken soup and I might have time to get some dough rising for rolls to be done before the game. I doubt she'll be going, but the chicken soup will make her feel better anyway.

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