Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Source of the Scents... DEAD! Todd just shot a skunk, right up by the veggie garden, in the daytime, no less, and the scent is INCREDIBLE! He's going to try to neutralize the area with baking soda and Febreez. It wasn't even a full size animal, but that must be the most concentrated scent in the world. Wow. Hopefully it will be a stretch before another skunk replaces it. We knew it was living in the culvert down in the driveway under the house, because we smelled it everytime we drove in or out. And it's probably the one that nailed Annie in May while I was in Alaska. I've been a bit anxious letting her roam around since then, knowing it was still in residence. Well, it's not living any more! Whew - what a stink there is outside.

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