Saturday, August 16, 2008

Random Pictures

A beautiful ivy geranium enlivening the view out the back door. The summers are so hot and dry here that the native flora pretty much dries up.

The angle on this picture sort of makes me queasy, but I wanted you to see the pots going up the back stairs. The brachyscome dominates the view, but there are also two pots of heliotrope that make the whole area smell like vanilla - I love to smell something pretty as I walk up the stairs.

This was the first real garden harvest - so satisfying!

Michael wanted you to see the smallest lizard ever - that's a sunflower seed beside it. The lizards are so fast I don't know how the guys catch them. They always inspect them for health and remove any ticks they find. Isn't that yucky, that ticks also suck the life out of lizards? Poor things.

Tonight's harvest. It has been beastly hot here this week and at least the cherry tomatoes are responding by ripening quickly (but not the large ones, which are developing blossom end rot unrelentingly - grrrrr!). There are also the first of the green beans - so tender and buttery! And more zucchini. Good thing we like those so much! We try to pick them when they are pretty small. That and some teriaki chicken strips and wild rice - yum yum!

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