Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life Lately

When I'm not blogging, that usually means life is a bit too busy or there are lots of things on my mind. Here's a list, probably not complete. Unresolved: I have a weird thing going on in my throat. The doctor scoped it (not a pleasant experience - I don't recommend it to anyone I like) and says that there is an irritation at the top of my vocal cords (I think) and so I'm supposed to sleep with my head elevated, take Prilosec OTC every day and not eat for three hours before I go to bed. But it's not helping after two weeks. And sometimes it feels like I'm being choked or I will gag for not being able to swallow this thing in my throat. So that's on my mind. Resolved: There has been a decison pending about whether Tyler will go to public school for this next year, and that has been resolved as of yesterday. He is registered at Sutherlin Middle School in eighth grade. He is looking forward to it, and I feel lots of peace about this change. Resolved: Then we had to lay off our wonderful employee because we just don't have enough work to keep her in the office. So that led to me thinking about trying to get a outside job to help out and provide insurance for the family also. But the decision has been made that I will work in the office more regularly instead. Unresolved: Trying to sell our van on Craigs List because it gets bad gas mileage. Unresolved: Our house in Roseburg is back on the market, which has made our good renters give their notice (even though we still lose $500 per month), and no one is looking at it. Out of category: It's so hot! I really don't do well over 85 or under 40 degrees, and it's been over 100. At least the vegetable garden is happy, but I worry about the bunnies. We give them wet soil to lay in, but the gray bunny is really panting. What a long blog, and much too serious!

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