Sunday, June 22, 2008

Plans (Let's make God laugh!)

So the plan for tomorrow is our annual pond-cleaning ritual. When I was fortunate enough to have a "pond guy", I paid him to empty, clean, repair and tend to the koi pond. He's no longer around and I have done my best to learn how to take care of my pond myself. Last year Todd cleaned it and that was great but he's pretty busy and so the boys and I will tackle it.

I'll try to remember to photo-document and blog the experience, if anyone is interested!

I also need to take the camera up to the vegetable garden. My goodness, the growth is so much fun! The tomatoes are stunning, but we so over-planted. It's very possible we won't have to buy any tomatoes at all after they start ripening and we'll be giving them away by the bags-full, I am sure! Last year I peeled, chopped and froze quite a few quarts of fresh tomatoes from the farm market, then promptly forgot about them. Now I am using them and they are wonderful! They taste so fresh. So I plan to freeze lots off the vine this summer.

Something is eating my crops! Basil is the most totally consumed, also the swiss chard and beans. I plan to try to find an organic product at the Gardens Alive website to at least put up a fight!

Gotta go review more appraisals - thank you Lord for the work!

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Meggan said...

mmm...tomatoes! i'm so jealous. i put up a picture of our empty garden, but stuff is finally showing up. I do want to see your pond cleaning.

Praise God for working and providing and all you do for your family.