Monday, May 12, 2008

Officially Spoiled

The Strawberry Lie - wait - Todd insists he's not lying. He never claimed to be a baker, you see, and somehow that rationalizes his being pies and mine being - well, you know. Anyway, let him have it his way for now, the Fresh Strawberry Pie was delicioso! And I got to choose my favorite pot roast, slow roasted in my antique cast iron Dutch oven - YUM! And smashed taters, and roasted yam bits. And steamed broccoli.

And (but wait, there's more) there were two folding sturdy plastic tables for the greenhouse for holding flats of baby plants, some of which are fairly bursting, and I have seriously lost count of flats. I know, I need to post pictures, and will try to after Alaska and wedding pictures, which will likely take precedence for a bit. Anyway, the tables are already in good use!

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