Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Good to be Home

Tyler caught this picture of me enjoying the greenhouse the other day. Getting those window boxes planted up, I think. At this point, I'm just trying desperately to plant things up and out before they suffocate in their small pots that are so outgrown! Aaaaah!
I wish I could just plant these all together. But some are deer chocolate and need lots of water and part shade, while others are deer-repellant, drought-tolerant and need full sun. Not the best idea to keep them together.
This bed makes me happy, yet again.
Sweet pup Annie, although her adventure while I was in Alaska was not so sweet. She had her third encounter of the SKUNK kind, and the worst yet. Perhaps you can detect the brown sheen over her black coat, caused by the treatment of choice: much baking soda applied directly to skunk-sprayed dog, rinsed down with much hydrogen peroxide. Three times. I kind of like the two-tone look. But I am SO glad that I wasn't here for the event!
Summer sunsets down the valley are a treat to my soul.


Meggan said...

Ok-so we totally need to build on a family room with a greenhouse on top. I am so jealous of all your rich healthy growing things inside. Our starts are so sickly. We must get them into the newly composted beds posthaste.

Laura said...

That perennial bed is GORGEOUS!!