Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jetting out

It's been a long time since I flew off into the air alone and for myself, but here I go tomorrow. Five days in Colorado at Mary Lou and Jere's house, and I am really looking forward to this time away. We'll attend the Willow Creek Leadership Summit for two days, which I loved last year. Then I am at her disposal, and that sounds very relaxing and restorative. I'll get to see Don and Jan a couple of times, Kyle too if I'm lucky.

More stuff going on with the church, unhappy things that I don't know what to do with. I'm hoping to gain some clarity of thought while I'm away. I know the Lord is talking to me, about my own attitudes. Colossians three, James three. No matter what, I'm responsible for me.

I always have hated these interim times when I don't know what's next in life.

Sorry for the blah blog - I'm tired and worn. Tomorrow should turn up at the corners!


meggan said...

how was the conference, time with family?
love you!

Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

We stumbled across your blog the other day. How fun that you now have one!

Your view from beneath the maple tree is lovely, and your flowers are beautiful!

We hope you had a fun time at Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere's house.

Love, Karyn and the Boys