Monday, August 20, 2007

2007 - The Leadership Summit

It was an interesting course of events that led me to attend The Leadership Summit at a location in Colorado Springs rather than in Portland. I thank God for it. I have debated whether to tell all the things I learned, which might be rather mind-numbing to readers of this blog, or share just a few nuggets. Nuggets won out. If anyone responds with a request, I will be happy to oblige and share more details.

First nugget, from Carly Fiorina - I can only grow outside my comfort zone. (Ouch)

Here's another from Carly - People are people wherever you find them, and a title or position does not qualify them or give them character. (Just as I suspected...)

From Marcus Buckingham - I need to lead a strength-based team, not a remedial team. People's strengths are our greatest asset. (In other words, spend my energy strengthening my strengths rather than dwelling on or working on my weaknesses.)

Also - Everyone will win when I take the responsibility to play to my strengths.

More later, from Colin Powell, John Ortberg, Richard Curtis and Bill Hybels.

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Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

You got to hear Carly Fiorina at the Leadership Conference!?! I've admired her for years. I would love more details...and I'm going to ask Mary Lou, too, since she's here... (She's running errands with Jamey, at the moment, which is why I have time to check blogs.)

I'm so grateful you had a good time in Colorado. From the sounds of things, you needed a chance to get away. I always enjoy my times at Jere and Mary Lou's house. Something about the Colorado air and that deck leave me feeling quite refreshed!

And tell Todd that I completely understand about the pie crusts. I, too, prefer the real thing...

Happy Saturday!
Love, Karyn