Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving - Better Late Than Never!

We gathered these bright and beautiful leaves in the yard in the morning.
So nice to have friends over, kids included.
Two of my Bible Study friends, Kathy and Deanna, came with their families.
This was just the food table!
Priscilla found Mom and Dad's 25th anniversary dishes packed away, so we had lots of memories to enjoy as we used them.


Laura said...

I love those dishes and Granny loved using them too. I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy them! Your table of food makes me drool! You should publish the menu so I know what recipes to ask for, for next year!

Meggan said...

I was looking at that photograph and remember Granny calling me into the living room with her the first year we were married and telling me that Jenna had gotten a piece of her anniversary silver and that I was to get a piece too, and ten years later, I still don't think I've ever gotten it. I know Priscilla has tried to give me something but it never worked out.
Oh well, it's just stuff, right?
What beautiful memories.