Monday, December 1, 2008

Boy, It's Tough to Get These Guys in a Picture!

I actually had to tickle him to find his real smile!
See? This was what we got from a simple request for a smile.
Michael's answer to an un-cheesy smile. Had them take glasses off so I could see their eyes.
Three studly guys. Man, they eat a lot.
Well, you can tell the extroverts of the family! (That would be Tyler and me, if it isn't immediately obvious to you.) But at least the others showed up.

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Laura said...

I love the contrast in all your smiles! It's fun to see a picture of all you 5 together! Ryan is so muscled- I didn't even recognize him when we picked him up last summer. I was thinking, "No, that's just some huge strong guy." Clearly, I was remembering the 13-year-old Ryan and not the "I'm grown up and in the military" Ryan!