Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bunny Hutch

I wanted to show you the hutch Todd built for the bunnies. In the background you can see a corner of the greenhouse, some of the ramp leading to it and part of the garbage shed.
"What is the black thing hanging from below the cage?" you may ask. Well, it's a poo chute. Yep. It's gotta go somewhere! So we catch it and amend our beds with bunny poo. Turns out it's a pretty great system, originally designed by Michael and refined by Todd.

This is the ingenious removeable door Todd designed to keep out the wind and rain in the winter. Yes, there's a vetilation system for next summer. These bunnies may even get a runway to a ground cage next spring!

Here is the original, the gray bunners. I think she's getting old in bunny years. She holds perfectly still when I pet her for as long as I will do so.

And here is the fluffy friend I got for her as a baby. They are very sweet together, grooming each other and snuggling. She, however, is very wiggly and active, being very picky about which methods and styles of petting she will allow.

I like my bunnies.


Laura said...

There was a Books and Culture issue awhile ago all about bunnies - including an article about how they make really great house pets. Ever considered that?

Katie and Chris said...

oh, bunnies. I must come down and pet them sometime. I think Addie would likewise enjoy that, and maybe she might even be gentle with them. I'm glad you are enjoying your pets!

meggan said...

Are you going to eat them?