Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday, Roseburg Style

Since yesterday was so relaxed (NO company - oddly enough, nice) Priscilla and I thought we would go shopping today. Actually, she decided at a frosty 5 a.m. that 6:00 a.m. was so not worth it for $.99 flannel at Joanne's. And snuggled back in. Good choice. Leaving together at 9:15 or so was much nicer, having enjoyed coffee and leftover cranbrosia and cheeseback (which taste amazing together, by the way) with Todd. Our first stop was the Craft Bazaar at Riversdale Grange, where I bought too many hand crafted beauties, and really enjoyed the atmosphere, as usual.

We then stopped in at Kruse Farms to stock up on Asian pears and apples, mostly. Also Yukon Gold potoatoes. Very chilly, even with their huge wood stove blazing.

So, drove by Joanne's to just check on the density of shoppers. Dense. So dense, in fact, that we continued on towards Macy's.

Which was quite dense, but with more floor space to accomodate the mass. Very nice to look at beautiful things and buy a few.

Back home, worked in the office for a while, a friend stopped by to chat for a couple of hours, ate turkey/stuffing/cranbrosia leftovers, watched Hunt for Red October. A great day after Thanksgiving.

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Laura said...

Yep! There's actually only one grocery store that I know of that sells Tillamook - it's the Safeway that's near my old apartment down in the city. We call it the "ghetto Safeway" even though it's really not in a super bad part of town. We think that their buyer must be from the West - that's the only explanation for the Tillamook being there because it's not in any other Safeway. The Tillamook in that particular sandwich on my blog is actually from Costco in Anchorage. We bought four pounds of it in August when we were up there and we've been eating it all fall! :) There's no better cheddar in my opinion!