Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ah, November in Wilbur

This is the one bed that's fully dressed and layered with rabbit poo, newspaper and bark dust - Lime Thyme and flowers still blooming. The color sort of washed out - the snapdragons are a lovely coral, the lime thyme is vibrant green.

The three rosemary plants are so healthy! I picked chives today for my hash browns. Yes, that's salvia blooming in the background. And weeds. Got to deal with that.

Bright Lights swiss chard with varied thymes and another of the rosemary triplets. One of these days we'll get around to eating the chard to see how it tastes. This bed needs some serious soil amendment, so I'm a bit tentative to eat from it. And I sure don't want the guys to eat bad s.c. and think it's all nasty. Hence, procrastination...

To any of you who have sung in choirs directed by me, guess what? I'm back to it! I really thought those days were gone, but with some prompting, I believe from the Lord, I looked into it, and our "seeker-church", which has chosen to not "choir", has agreed that it would be great. So we have 6 weeks to pull together a couple of songs. AAAHHH!!! The turnout is great - 30 voices, some of which are experienced and beautiful. It's so neat to again have family included - Priscilla, Michael and Tyler, all of whom sing so well. Pray for me - this is a big challenge, and everyone seems to be taking it for granted that everything will be great!

Sorry I didn't blog for a while. I think I was depressed - okay, I was depressed. And I didn't want to dump all the junk in my mind into the world of blog. Now life is better, or it looks better to me. I'm functioning better. So maybe I'll start blogging again. Thanks to all of you who have given me a place to go on your blogs. You make me happy.

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Laura said...

Welcome back Aunt Zona! I missed you. Those beds are beautiful. I really like the color of your mulch. I'm jealous of your wonderful rosemary plants - there's so much that tastes so good with fresh rosemary! Happy Thanksgiving!